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Sunday, March 16, 2008

you gotta be silly sometime...

As Joe is demonstrating in this picture, we visited the Woodrow Wilson House...and took some politically-incorrect pictures. We couldn't help ourselves. We're on vacation. And we have no kids. So we can be big kids everywhere we go!! Anywho, we absolutely loved the Wilson house. There were only about 12 other people there with us, and our tour guide was fabulous. He shared so many descriptive stories and was very animated and passionate about the information. Of course, Joe already knew most of what he shared with us, but it was all new for me!!

As you can see here, I had the unexpected privilege of playing Woodrow Wilson's piano in his parlor room. It was such an honor...though I must confess, I had a minimal repetoire memorized, so I resorted to playing my own little ditty. My piano teacher would be so to all you pianists out there -- memorize and keep it sharp! You never know when you'll have a chance to perform...

In addition to the Wilson house, we visited the FDR memorial, and took some fun pictures with various statues. Like I said earlier, we just couldn't help ourselves!! Here's a few to make you laugh...

Me and FDR are chums now! ;)

Joe fits right in with these men, doesn't he? *wink wink*

Yes, I purposefully look like a freak in this picture. I was
trying to show by my face that I hate war too...

Joe and I couldn't get past the fact that millions of tourists
come to the FDR memorial to....pull his finger. Tee hee hee!

Not only am I chums with FDR, but I became pals with his wife too! ;)

We realized we had no pictures of us together, so we snapped
a silly photo here. You can see the Washington Monument in the background.


Sam_got_blog said...

your guys are sooo dorky

Tony & Lisa said...


Tony & Lisa said...

But we love you anyway!!

J-Funk said...

wow what a fun trip! I didn't even know you guys were going there.

You're just goofy, not dorky, and goofy is GOOD!

Lizaveta said...

Thanks for all the compliments guys...we're just having fun! :)