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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As for today, we allowed ourselves to sleep in just a tad, to make up for our extra long day yesterday. Our activities included a visit to the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Union Station, and the National Archives. Quite packed, really! We had a fabulous time today, and enjoyed slightly milder weather, though our legs still ached...but we didn't slow down because of it! Here's a few snaps for those who are interested...and because I don't have time to blog more, so pictures will have to suffice! Enjoy!

It's supposed to look like he's holding the Supreme Court in the palm of his hand...
but it didn't turn out quite right. *shrugs*

This is the bottom third of the spiral staircase in the Supreme Court.
Way cool....though we avoided walking up or down it. *grins*

That's right -- we saw the Magna Carta at the National Archives today!
Sweet!! No flash photography was allowed, so this is all I have to show of it.
We also saw the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

This is a section of the mosaic floor at the Library of Congress.
The whole building was beautiful...

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the majestic Grand Hall of the Library
of Congres completely...but this gives you an idea of what it was like...

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Tony & Lisa said...

I thought you'd think the Library of Congress was amazing! It's so fun to see all the stuff you're getting to do. The sore feet are worth it!
We'll be anxious to see ALL your pictures once you get home.