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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Due to an extremely long and quite exhausting day yesterday, I missed a post. Sorry to disappoint y'all. I'll try to make up for it today with an 2 posts. :-D

We are learning of all sorts of new muscles and tender spots on the lower half of our bodies, due to excessive walking and standing. Whooooeeee! It's not slowing us down, though...we refuse to be held back by a few sore muscles!!

Anywho, to catch you up on what we've been doing, yesterday we got up the earliest of our stay so far, and were out the latest, so that was stretching. It was worth it though, as we had a chance to go up in the Washington Monument, visit the museum of Natural History, and take a 3 hour twilight tour of the monuments. It was a day well spent.

As always, here are a few visuals:

Don't I look fierce? *evil laughter*

This is the loooong line I stood in to get our tickets to go up
in the Washington Memorial. I guess they made a mistake in the
lining up process, and so they had to back up the line. But it didn't
take long to go through. And I made friends with an Asian lady and her son
who were there from Pennsylvania, so it was all good!

Look! It's Joe! Doesn't he look good in front of the white house?

In contrast to Joe's casual looks-like-it's-a-warm-spring-day apparel,
it was actually FREEZING yesterday. Well...compared to the 50-60 degree
weather we had before. After shivering for 2 hours and drinking some
hot coffee, I finally warmed up and our walking kept me warm the rest of the day!

We knew before we came to DC that the National Museum of American History
would be closed, but in the name of tradition we snapped another "sad Joe" pic.
However, I think he looks more angry....or drugged. Not sure which...

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