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Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Sum Up

10 Things to Remember when Visiting Washington, DC:

1. Walking a mile uphill always seems longer than going down.

2. Avoid pulling your metro ticket out of the machine when it jams, otherwise you will rip it in half! However, this results in many interesting conversations with the metro guards!

3. When wanting to go to a lower level, don't attempt to go down an up escalator.

4. Always read the side of your shuttle bus before boarding to avoid going to the wrong place.

5. If you've been proven to be bad at directions, don't assume you're right when traveling from point A to point B.

6. Giving a twenty cent tip to a cab driver is not acceptable.

7. Never carry two cups of coffee while walking down the street on a windy day. Unless you have a plastic bib on to absorb the splatter!

8. Don't bother taking your leftovers from a restaurant back to your hotel with you when you have no fridge and are leaving on a plane the next day.

9. When the sign says "no flash photography" it's best to not then take a picture directly in front of the security guard.

10. Always check the time before getting up to take a shower, lest you find yourself showering at 1 AM!


Kathy said...

Does a plastic bib absorb?

I think I will print these tips out and carry them with me, they might come in handy anywhere ;)

Hope you had a wonderful trip & have a chance to recuperate!

Sam_got_blog said...

Matt and Spencer said that they saw you at Emmaus and that they stood like right next to you a couple times.

Sam_got_blog said...

You would do the picture thingy. LOL.
Glad you had a blast!

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Lizaveta said...

Welcome, Computadores. I hope you enjoy what you find here, as mundane as it may be! :)