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Saturday, March 15, 2008

DC Day 2

Today was spent doing lots of walking....we were pooped by the time we got back to our hotel! Some of our day's activities included strolling along the mall, eating at Hard Rock Cafe and checking out various monuments.

Unfortunately, Ford's Theatre was closed for renovations until sad!!
So, to carry on with tradition, we once again have a shot of Joe being sad in front of
Ford's Theatre, poor Joe!!

At the World War II memorial, we each posed by our respective state.
I didn't include Joe by Minnesota, since I have
so many pictures of him already!
We tried to take our own pic for Wisconsin...hence the goofy new profile pic.
Guess I should have asked someone to take our picture for us! ;)


Tony & Lisa said...

You look so cute in your sunglasses! I'd think you were in Florida if I didn't know better. Too bad about Ford's Theater. We went to the Spy Museum when we were near there since it was kind-of close. Are you still going to see the memorials at night or pass on that?
Keep on having fun!

Sam_got_blog said...

wow lots of things were closed