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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I've learned from working at the bank...

(Disclaimer: Note that these comments are all in fun, and a large part are inside jokes, so don't take them too seriously...)

When in doubt, "Lizzie did it"

When blamed, always claim, "It's not my fault"

No deviating!!

Don't pick out a wedgie in front of the security cameras

When Jacki (my co-worker) asks you to look at her -- DON'T. It inevitably involves broccoli in the teeth or a chap stick tube stuck up her nose. :)

Dark chocolate is the answer to all of life's problems.

When drinking that afternoon soda, always smack your lips and sigh "Ahhh!" loudly

Large amounts of money can always be split in half ;)

Don't yell at someone when they're in the soundproof room...THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU...

Never answer the phone by stating your address. ;)

Never plan on a pen being available when you need it.

The best way to avoid "grazing" at the "grazing table", is to get rid of the evidence by eating it. :)

Putting on lotion is a sure-fire way to cause customers to come in.

Never go to the bathroom in the guest bathroom if someone is in the employee bathroom. You're likely to get the feeling of a bidet.

Bank Teller's eat healthy: Diet Coke with vitamins & minerals, and dark chocolate with antioxidants. :)

"Initials" is pronounced: "Hinitials"

It's not right until it's "Zack-a-lack-ally" right.

We're "Jest Kitting" :)

...we just want a chance!

You can't see the customer's when you're craning your neck to see what's out the window...

When at the drive-thru, always plan on being shushed

"Wanna count?" "Sure....1...2...3..."

When feeling stressed, throw your head back and laugh deeply with no abandon -- similar to how the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of Oz laughed.

Chanting "Baby Jesus lost & found" will always seem to help you find what is lost....if you look hard enough! ;)

When you leave the money in your trunk, you cannot be relied upon...

There's always a tip for the teller!

...and last but not don't have to be crazy to work at the bank, but it sure does help! ;)


Kathy said...

This has me laughing out loud! You must have a fun job ok, maybe not fun but at least you enjoy yourselves!

Lizaveta said...

We always seem to come up with ways to entertain ourselves... :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm finally getting time to read your posts and this one was HYSTERICAL! I could so picture you saying every single one of them. Seems like I picked the wrong career field ;) Love ya cuz!

<3 Retainery