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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dancing with Jesus

Sweep me off my feet, Jesus,
I just want to dance with You.
To be held in Your embrace -
I never want this night to end

Spin me through the crowds, Beloved,
Our dance steps quick but true.
You lead, I'll follow, 'tis our way,
I love to dance with You.

And when I trip
Or miss a step
And make a fool before all,
You offer grace
And give me faith
To dance all my life long

I try to hide amidst the crowds
Blushing and ashamed.
Two left feet, I miss a beat
I'm scared to dance again

But your offered invitation
Surpasses limitation,
Grace glides my feet across the dance floor.
And shining admiration,
Eyes filled with adoration
Fix upon my Beloved and my Savior

Sweep me off my feet, Jesus,
I long to dance with You again...


Tony & Lisa said...

That's really neat. Did you write it? You've no idea how timely those thoughts are for me.


Lizaveta said...

yea, I wrote it about 3 years ago (I think). I don't remember what caused the thought pattern...
I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
love you!