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Sunday, August 5, 2007

An awkward beginning...

My hubby and I FINALLY had internet installed in our home about 2 weeks ago (Hallelujah!), and since then I've been desperately trying to catch up with everyone's lives in cyberspace. Amazing how things can change in two years...most of my friends or relatives (even my parents!!) have a blog now, and I've found it to be quite entertaining and a great way to keep in touch with family and friends without exerting much effort - haha :)

Anywho, I've decided to embark on this adventure of "blogging" that everyone seems to be so savvy in lately. Please excuse my naivety on how to upload pictures and video and anything else that requires much more computer knowledge than, well, how to turn it on. :) I'll just do what I can do.

But as for now...I'm off to bed -- it's too late to think of anything terrribly interesting to write...


J-Funk said...

Thanks for linking to me Cuz! I'll get you in my links one of these days... I need to put your parents in there too. The family is getting quite large on the blogosphere, but you're right, it IS the best way to keep in touch with everyone!

-The Older Cuz

Sarah said...

Glad you're blogging! It will be nice to get to know you better (although I do hear much from your mom) :c)