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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook vs. Blogosphere

Just trying to get some I continue to post adoption updates and other blogs, would you prefer that I have the blogs imported directly to facebook where you can read them there? Or post a link as my facebook status so that you can read it in blogger?


Anonymous said...

Liz, there is a way that you can have Facebook automatically grab your blog posts and put them in to your FB 'notes' section. That way you can have both!... a regular blog but it also shows up on your FB profile. I was doing it for awhile (when I had a blog) but can't remember how to set it up (you set it up on FB and put in your blog address). -Sarah Banowetz

Sarah said...

I *think* I figured it out (tried it myself). Go to this FB link to import a blog.

J-Funk said...

FB would be a good reminder to me to get caught up... which I just did, whew! I'm so excited you are getting all the paperwork done for adoption! so neat!

Imagine what the world would be like if EVERYONE had to get some sort of generic approval before having kids! My oh my what a different place we would live in.

Good luck on the car shopping business! It's more stressful than it seems like it should be.