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Monday, February 18, 2008

my excuse...

I've been terribly slow at posting here has been crazy!! Here's a few things that have been keeping me preoccupied:

  • The weather -- my goodness I've never seen so much snow and ice and drifts in my entire life! Ok, maybe that's not exactly true, but it sure has been a doozy of a winter! Good thing I like snow! :)
  • My job -- the last 2 months at my job have been awful. We lost one employee (she found a better job) and another injured her ankle in a freak sledding accident. And she's 60 years old. Weird. This normally would not have been a huge problem, but our other three branches were experiencing deaths in the family, and another girl got in a bad car accident where she broke her leg, a rib, and her 4 year old also broke his leg. Craziness!! So we've been running our tails off, to say the least. But they hired a new girl last week, and my aged sledding friend is back at work, so things should start looking up... :)
  • Sickness -- two weeks ago, Joe had an awful cold and lost his voice, so we dealt with that. And now this week, I've been battling a horrible cold and just found out today that it's the beginning of walking pneumonia. Joy. So that's been.....exhausting...
  • Everthing else -- meanwhile we've been continuing with our normal activities -- youth group adventures, visiting friends, sledding parties, etc. etc.

Hopefully now life will slow down a little so I can post more regularly!

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