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Sunday, October 28, 2007

oh to read again...

I miss reading. It used to be I could spend hours curled up on the loveseat with a novel in hand, lost in the adventures and romance of a fictional story. Or sometimes I would challenge my thinking by wrestling with some of John Piper's works or re-thinking my role as a wife in a godly marriage. I love to read poetry, fiction, history and classics, and especially enjoyed to discuss the books I read with friends.

In my younger days, I can recall my mom asking me to help set the table at dinner time, only to find me slowly circling the table, book in hand, as I tried to place the silverware in the correct spot without breaking my flow of reading. Or I would attempt to read in the car once it got dark (before I got terribly car sick), holding my book up to catch the light of the headlights behind us until it proved impossible to make out the words. In college I would retreat into the library and curl up on the "sleeping chair" to "read" my homework...though it almost inevitably ended up in a nap.

I love to read. Why is it I never have time to sit down with a book? My hubby is just as busy as I am, and yet he can read through 3-5 books in a month or less!! On top of his daily Bible reading! I am in awe. Maybe I'll pick up some pointers from him. But in the meantime, I'll look forward to Christmas vacation, when I will hopefully find some time to read again...


Sam said...

smooth read in the car after dark.

Kathy said...

I really like to read too, but there is so little time... I never tried to read in the car by the headlights after dark, interesting.

Doug and I like to read out loud to each other in the car when we travel, but we have not gone anywhere in a long time :(

I can see you slowly circling the table, book in hand, as you tried to place the silverware in the correct spot without breaking your flow of reading. ha! classic

Tony & Lisa said...

I love that memory of you reading while setting the table. I was always so happy that you loved books so much!
I love you,

Hilary said...

Liz, I know the feeling! I actually get jealous of the Emmaus students who have to read all the time. Hope you have a great weekend!