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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life has just been far too hectic for me as of late. I never seem to find the time to blog...and when I do have the time, I sit in front of the computer screen like a zombie, my brain devoid of all thought or creativity. Hm.

Part of what has been keeping me busy has been planning for and preparing for the wedding of a dear friend of mine this coming weekend -- she's actually marrying my husband's cousin, so she actually gets to be grafted into the family! It's terribly exciting... :) There has been much to do to get ready, as I am in the wedding party and have been scurrying about making sure my dress gets made correctly. Today we had an almost final fitting, and it should be completely done by tomorrow! Praise the Lord! :)

Other exciting, and not so exciting, news has been the loss of one of my piano students of 2 years. It was sad to tell her goodbye, and yet I trust that the Lord has bigger plans in mind, and I've actually already heard of another person who might be replacing her! Plus I'm going to try to start picking up some more piano students anyway....just to make my life even more complicated. :)

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