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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

....a nursery!

We have been blessed by several gifts in the past few months - not only financially, but also materially. Our baby's room is really beginning to come together!

My Mom is getting Grandma fever, I think :)...and she bought us this adorable wall cling with birdies on it! There are 2 pink and 2 blue, so we can adjust them once we know whether it's a boy or a girl! :)

This may not look any different, but our crib finally has sheets and a mattress cover!! Yay! No more bare mattress showing through! :)

Joe's sister graciously gave us her Fisher-Price Papasan chair, as she is no longer needing it. It's in great condition and looks so comfy for our little one someday!

I have recently been signing up on various sites so that I can receive coupons for baby related items: diapers, clothing, formula, bottles, etc. I was shocked a few weeks ago when I received these three samples in the mail, plus several coupons and vouchers for up to $11 off of name brand products! What a blessing! Thankfully they don't expire until February or later, so I'm praying that we become a family of three before then!

And there's even more - though I don't have pictures to show them. Things like bottles, baby spoons, receiving blankets, changing pads, extra crib sheets, towels, and so on. We have been so blessed! Not to mention the financial support we've received from several dear friends....our words could never convey our thankfulness! God is so good :)

And, since I know you're all probably wondering....there hasn't been any more "news" from LSS. We are still waiting to get a phone call. For some reason, the fact that Christmas is around the corner is making me more impatient, but I'm trusting the Lord's timing and waiting for Him to write the ending to this exciting journey. If there's any news, I'll definitely be posting it here!!


Tony and Lisa said...

Grandma fever - glad to have a diagnosis, dear! :)
I'm excited!

J-Funk said...

Yay! Lookin' good!!

BeeJay said...

Love the wall cling "thingee" - it is really cute. Grandma fever is a fun thing to have because one can window shop and find cute things for the baby-to-be!