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Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Expecting...

But not in the traditional way.

Today our portfolio (which we finally finished! yay!) officially went "in the books". This means that we could be chosen any day now by a set of birthparents.

Can you say exciting? That doesn't even come close!!!

You have all been such a blessing to us through your encouragement, prayers and support -- thank you!! Here are some ways you can be praying specifically:

  • Health - for the birthmother and the baby.
  • Patience - for us as we wait to be matched. I tend to be a worry-wart and a planner, so facing the big unknown is a little out of my comfort zone. Pray that I am able to leave it all in the Lord's hands and trust His timing.
  • Preparation - We have been blessed with a crib from some family friends, but there is much left to do to prepare! We will not be having a baby shower before our little one's arrival, as that will only intensify the waiting, and we want to wait until everything is finalized. However, I will be buying some diapers, onesies, formula, bottles and a few other baby items beforehand. (And I know that my mom has been picking up baby things at garage sales and the like -- she's an excited Grandma-to-be! :) ) It's all new to us, so wisdom and peace would be great in this area. :)
  • Finances - Our first big adoption payment has been paid (praise the Lord!), and our second will not be due until the adoption is finalized. We have been so blessed by the generosity of friends (thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!), and we trust that the Lord will provide us with every cent we need along the way. I don't want this to become a source of worry, so again, pray that we can just trust in Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider.
  • Comfort - for the birthfamily. This is a huge sacrifice and act of love on their part, and it's way harder than anything I've ever faced. Pray for a special measure of comfort, peace and hope for the family. That they wouldn't live a life of regret, but look forward in hope.
  • Future - there are so many aspects in the future that are our relationship with the birth family will be, the hospital time, the time in between the baby's birth and the adoption finalization, how we'll adjust, how the baby will bond to us, and so on! Basically, anything that you can think of -- pray for it! :)
Thank you again for holding us up in prayer! You will indeed be blessed! :)


Kami said...

Hi Liz! Congrats! I am very excited for you guys. How amazing to adopt a child from birth! God knows what your family is to look like and sometimes he chooses to build our families in untraditional ways. But the amazing thing is that God KNOWS who your kids are and they were meant to be yours from the beginning of time.

Braimee said...

This is SO exciting!!!!!!!!

Charity said...

This is so, so exciting! We will definitely continue to pray for you guys!! Thanks for sharing the specific requests.

Nicolette Kay said...

so exciting!!

J-Funk said...

Such a big deal!! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you!

Let me know if I can be any help as you navigate your way through the confusing world of BABY STUFF. It's been a long journey and I'm happy to share my knowledge... and some stuff...