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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fervent Friday

Today's song choice has been in my head and heart a lot lately with all of our adoption plans.

And speaking of adoption plans...let me give a little update. :)

We finally made up our mind on which type of adoption to pursue. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out this post of mine) And that choice is........domestic! Though we both want to adopt internationally someday, logistically, domestic is the best choice for us for right now.

However, we did find out that the Bethany Christian Services office 2 hours away from us will be unable to service us because it is not in the state we live in. And our state has more requirements.

Cuz they're all nice like that. :)

We will continue to work with them, though, it will just involve a 4.5 hour drive every now and then. :) Last night, Joe and I filled out our preliminary application, so hopefully things will begin to pick up!

Can you tell I'm a little anxious and impatient? And it's only the beginning....there will be much more waiting to come.

Hence today's song choice. And it's even in video form to please all those visual learners out there. :) Enjoy!!


Kathy said...

You are so fortunate to know in Whom you are believing in while you wait for Him to put this all together for you. I am praying for you all as well.

Charity said...

That song has been such an encouragement to me, especially in the past year! Thanks for sharing.
Praying for you guys!