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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Not Delivery...It's DiGiorno

When I read Fiddledeedee's DiGiorno giveaway post, it made me think of a little mishap we had with one of our DiGiorno pizza's a few months ago...

Before I begin, you must know that my husband's absolute favorite food in the whole entire world is pizza. He could literally eat it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one of his favorite brands of pizza is DiGiorno.

So...we had decided to have a pizza for dinner. A DiGiorno pizza, since it was a special night, eating at home and all. :) Anywho...I offered to pop it in the pizza oven so we could get to eating our "nutritious" meal.

So....I set the pizza oven timer* to the normal length of time, 13 minutes or so, and went about checking my email and whatnot waiting for dinner to be ready.
*(Before I go on, let me note that I always use a timer when baking or doing laundry. In fact, Joe mocks me often for this tendency and can't understand why I don't "just remember it". Ha! This was a good learning lesson for him... )

After the timer ding-ed, I checked on it, and the cheese wasn't even melted completely, let alone golden brown. So I reset the timer for another 7-10 minutes, thinking I would check it half-way through just in case.

Well. Remember when I said that I can't "just remember"?? ;)

So...when the timer ding-ed the second time, I went to retrieve the pizza and it Burnt to a crisp.

I gasped. And prayed that my husband wouldn't smell the burning cheese.

I did finally tell him.....quite sheepishly, and he indeed was upset. "You burnt a DiGiorno pizza?!?!?? A DiGiorno pizza??!! Those are the best!!!"

*Sigh* At least we had more in the freezer...


Kathy said...

oh no! Sounds like something I would do, i use a timer for things as well. Good thing you had more in the freezer :)

Fiddledeedee said...

I feel your pain. I've set an entire pizza on fire in the oven. Flames and everything. :)