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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a Renaissance Festival in our area with Joe and his family. We had quite the time! It was my first time going to a Renaissance Festival, though I've wanted to attend one since I was in juinor high.

I must say, I think I saw more cleavage than I ever want to see again! But aside from that, we had a jolly good time. :) We even got to see some jousting and a glass blower! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of either of those...silly me.

Joe was checked out a coin booth while we were there, but secretly I think he was just trying to avoid looking at the well-endowed woman in the background!

By far, the best part of everything we did was the food. Yummmmm....fanTAStic! And my father-in-law got it all half-off due to a discount through his work -- nothing's better than delicious food at half the over-priced price!

As you can see, Al reeeeaaally enjoyed his turkey leg! Yum!

Sawyer isn't sure what to think of this turkey leg business!

Did you know we had a princess in our midst? :)

Check it out Dad -- Joe was drumming! On a djembe type thing! Awesome!

Sawyer didn't know what to think about this large tortoise waddling about!

At the petting zoo, we saw a grouchy looking ox.
We think he was grouchy because one of his horns was growing into the middle of his head...ouch!

One of my favorite pictures of the day...Laina singing and clapping with Uncle Joe :)


Charissa said...

Hey Liz... how did you post your blog entry to facebook? :)

J-Funk said...

Neat! I loved the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Sounds like you had an awesome summer!