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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Can You Do With a One Year Old Take 2

Time for Part 2 of What You Can Do With a One Year Old! :) Here's a few more crafty type things we've done in the last several no particular order! :)

Do-A-Dot Art
My mom gave me these great paint-markers in a little set called "Do-A-Dot Art" and they're SUPER easy and fun for Liddy to use! All she has to do is press them to the paper and they make circles! It came with a little book of pages where you can add the dots to different drawings (trees, bubble gum machine, etc) though she's not quite old enough to get that yet. She really enjoyed this and it was not nearly as messy as I expected it to be! It was more like stamping then painting, really. Big thumbs up from me! :)

Making a birthday card for her cousin Laina :)
Very intent on her artwork :)
I made that title up myself. Hehe. :) This is another idea from Pinterest, of course! And it was pretty easy, though a little messy with the glue. :) I drew a shape of an apple on the paper, and cut up a bunch of squares from red construction paper. I then put down small patches of elmer's glue and told Liddy to press the squares on the glue. She didn't always follow my instructions (typical toddler!!) but for the most part it worked ok and doing small patches of glue at a time helped keep the mess to a minimum. :) At the end we dipper her hand in green paint to make the leaf and stem! She thought it was pretty cool :)

"Where does this one go, Mom??"

I can't figure out how to rotate this at the moment, but you get the idea!

 Pumpkin Carving!
Every kid has to experience carving a pumpkin at least one in their life! :) We had received a few free pumpkins with our purchases at our local grocery store, and so we had to come up with a project for them!! We decided to carve a cross in our pumpkin and thought Liddy might enjoy doing this project with Daddy. He tried to start this project without telling me so he wouldn't get his picture taken, but I was on to him! ;)

"I'm not so sure about this, Mom..."

Mr. Studly who got to deal with all the slimyness :)
She kept saying, "Gwoss" or "Eewww..." Such a girl :)
Checkin' out the "guts" - I forgot to take a picture of the finished product!!

Jumpin' in Leaves!
This is a MUST fall activity! :) We did this with my parents at their home too, but they have the pictures, so I can't share them here. :) Another good daddy-daughter activity here, too! :) Lydia didn't mind being in the leaves, but she was seriously avoiding touching them with her hands! It cracked us up!

"As long as my hands don't touch the leaves I'm fine!"
I love this one!

Joe looks scary, but check out her face!! :)

And of course, we had to practice a little child labor... ;)

Are you workin' hard or hardly working?? ;)

 Pumpkin Painting!
We just did this project today, so I'm really on top of things by posting about it so soon! (Aren't you impressed?? hehe) We used washable tempera paint (which I don't think worked as well as other kinds) to do this project. Again, we had to do something with our other pumpkin we had! So we broke out our paint. :) Liddy enjoyed having me turn the pumpkin so she could paint all over it. At first she was grossed out whenever her hand touched the paint (did I mention I have a GIRLY girl?? ;) but then she got used to it and really enjoyed it, as you can see below. Again, no picture of the finished project! I'm so silly!!

Painting Away

Color Mixing!

Miss Picasso! :)

 That sums up our activities so far! Hopefully now I can put them in individual posts! :)


Tony and Lisa said...

ADORABLE pictures, Elizabeth! She's such an artist. :) And you're a GREAT MOM!

Anonymous said...

I second that, she is an EXCELLENT MOM! She must have had great examples. Makes me very proud to know her. :) The pictures are very sweet! Milly