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Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Happy Friday! I know I've been remiss in posting here lately, but we've had quite the past 2 months! Between Christmas and having all 3 of our birthdays in the same month, we've been going from one birthday party to the next! :) Not that we're complaining...

Anywho, I thought I'd share a few pictures of Lydia's FIRST birthday party (how unbelievable is THAT?!?!) and what we did (so that Auntie Lin can see!!), but Lydia insisted on sharing about her birthday herself. ;) Here's her party in her own words (slightly modified by me, of course )

Hi guys! I had so much fun at my birthday party, my Mommy went to a lot of work to make it special! Earlier in the day we went and got a special birthday balloon. I picked it out myself!! Here's Grandpa being silly with it:

Before my party, I got to talk to my Mama Heather on the phone! She told me Happy Birthday and that she loved me, then she talked to Mommy for a little bit. I was so glad she called!

My Mom made sure we had lots of pretty bird decorations, since I'm her little Tweeter  :) The big pink bird was a gift from my Auntie Lin for Christmas! It normally decorates my room, but it was perfect for my party!! My Daddy made the cool windmills as favors for my cousins and my Grandma Lisa bought me the little bird one time when she was visiting!
My mommy decided to make cake pops instead of a regular cake for dessert. I was sleeping when she made them, but I overheard her say that she'd never make them again! :) I thought they were yummy and pretty!

My Grandma Lisa & Grandpa Tony arrived about a half hour before my party began! I gave them lots of hugs and kisses!! Here I am posing with Grandpa...

I had a special birthday banner! It said "lydia is 1!" My mommy made it for me, and I really liked it!! Here I am showing it to you with Grandma Lisa.

Then guests started to arrive!! First was Auntie Fisha, Uncle Mike and my 3 cousins: Jack-Jack, Tanner and Sawyer!

" I almost the same height as you, Jack-Jack??" :)
I love my cousins!!

Meanwhile, my Mommy decided to try to look as cute as I do while sucking my thumb. I don't think she beat me, though, do you??

Then Gramma and Boppa arrived! (For some reason, my Mom didn't get any pictures of them...silly Mommy!!) After everyone sat down, we ate my favorite meal: Grilled Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, and Green Beans! It was soo yummy! Then it was time to open presents! First we took a family picture...

 And then I got to open some birthday cards! I read them very carefully...

Then it was present time! And guess what my Gramma gave me?? a CELL PHONE!!! I carry it with me all over the house and didn't want to share it with ANYONE at first! But now I try to share...

Then I got Kanga & Roo from my Grandma Lisa!! I gave it lots of kisses.

But guess what?? My Auntie Fisha and Uncle Mike also gave me a Kangaroo! I guess I love kangaroos!! :) Here I am hugging both of them...

There were lots more presents, but I can't remember them all right thing I knew, they turned off the lights and were all SINGING to me!! I wasn't sure what to think...

And THEN I got my very own cupcake!! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to eat it, so I just touched it at first...

Then I had a little nibble of frosting...hmm....yummy!

And then my Mommy stuck my whole hand in the cupcake!! I laughed so hard!!

I got chocolate ice cream too, and boy was it yummy!! I think I was maybe on a little bit of a sugar high here...

 And that was it! After I got cleaned up, I got to play with my toys for a little bit, but I was so exhausted! It was so much fun! I hope you liked the pictures!!

So there you have it! Lydia's version of her party. We had a blast and still can't believe that our BABY is now in the toddler stage! Unbelievable!! :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! Lydia I didn't know you could talk so well not to mention typing too! But you are a genious as we all know. I love you lots! Gramma

Anonymous said...

OH AND it was a FUN party

Tony and Lisa said...

Lydia forgot one of the best parts of the party - the dinner! :) It was scrumptious!

We are so thankful for our little Lydia Bobidia, Tiny Little Dydia. God has given us one of the best blessings in the world!

Thanks for sharing her with us. You all bring us such incredible joy.

We love you!
Mom and Dad

Daphne Hope said...

How fun! Love the post! And your cake pops look way cuter than mine ever do!

Lindsay said...

Awwwww I wish I could have been there!! I was tearing up cuz I missed out on so much fun with my little Diddie!!

The cake pops look beautiful as dose the banner and the decorations! You guys are so crafty!! It just looks beautiful!

Little Lydie looked so pretty in her tutu and "1" shirts and bow! I just wanna give her a big kiss on the cute little cheeks!!!!

Thank you for sharing!! I love you all and miss you! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!