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Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven and Eight

Yes, yes, I know that Lydia turned 8 months (how is that even POSSIBLE?!?!?) this weekend, and I STILL haven't posted any of her recent milestones!

Well. Here it goes! :)

In the past month and a half, Liddy has really increased the different types of foods she's tried, as well as her ability to be active! The girl is CRAWLING now. Unbelievable!! A whole new world has opened up to her....and she's LOVING it! Unfortunately, this also means that she has to learn what the word "no" means. We're working on it.... ;)

This is the closest thing to her crawling that I've captured on film! :)
I didn't think that Liddy had lost any of her chubbiness in her cheeks until I was looking back at pictures from when she was 4 and 5 months old recently. And she definitely has! I think with all her crawling and endless energy, she's burning off the chubbiness! So sad.... :(

Lydia sort of understands playing peek-a-boo now, and loves to pull the blanket off of her head when you toss it on top of her. She also has mastered kneeling in her crib, and the first thing I see in the morning these days is her little downy head peeking up at me over the crib rail! Ha! :)

Also, she sucks her thumb ALL the time now. I'm hoping she outgrows it eventually so we don't have to teach her that you can't suck your thumb for your whole life! But for now, it's fine. And I must say, she looks ADORABLE with that little thumb in her mouth! :)

See what I mean??
A few days ago, Liddy even pulled herself up to a STANDING position using our small chest where we store our remotes and the coffee table. I was absolutely stunned. I thought it was a fluke, until I saw her do it several more times today!! YIKES!

As well, she had her 6 month pictures taken (though now it's practically time to schedule her 9 month pictures!!) by my wonderful SIL Melissa Laska at MEL Photography. I'll share a few of my favorites from that session, as well as a few other random smiling ones. Enjoy!! :)

My lil' Sweet Pea

In awe :)


Charissa said...

awwww. she is growing growing growing! :) what a sweet baby girl.

Steve Bricker said...

The last photo was especially cute.

Daphne Hope said...

She is such a doll! Love the last picture!

Lindsay said...

Awww such a sweet little Liddy!! I can't wait to see her Saturday! I'm just glad that I finally got her laughing when there wasn't a man around! haha That MEL Photography sure does a good job! Glad she's my photographer too!!! hehe Love you both and Joe-Joe, of course!

Charity said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing! I can't believe I still haven't met her in person... hope to soon!

J-Funk said...

WOW! great pics.