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Friday, July 15, 2011

Half a Year

This Sunday, my baby turns 6 months old!! How can this be possible? I feel like it was just yesterday that we saw her downy little head peeking out from the hospital blanket as she was placed in our arms. How time flies...

The first time we saw our little girl
I remember when...

....Liddy's whole body would scrunch up when you'd pick her up from her papasan chair...

Here's her scrunched up newborn look! This was the day after we brought her home.

....She still fit into her moses basket...
....We still had the head guard attached to her car seat...

I can't believe how bald she looks here! :)

....Lydia would fall asleep on my shoulder before I even realized she was tired...
....Her vocabulary consisted of soft coo's and hunger cries (she's definitely figured out how to be loud now!)...


It's crazy the ways that Lydia is growing and changing! Here are some of the things she's up to these days:
  • Lydia can roll over! Mainly from her back to her tummy, though we have caught her going from front to back a handful of times. (Unfortunately, this new-found skill means that she wakes herself up often from naps or in the middle of the night from rolling in her sleep! :P)
  • We started cereal for the first time on July 4th and haven't looked back since. She now eats it for breakfast and lunch and does a pretty good job of keeping it all in her mouth! :)

First time eating cereal!!

Liddy likes to play with toys in her high chair!
  • Lydia loves her Baby Einstein activity center (she can jump in it and play with toys!) as well as her Jenny jump up. She loves to stand and watch Quincy walk around!

Such a happy girl!
  • Standing tall!

  • Speaking of Quincy, I don't think he's ever had such a #1 fan! He is a constant source of entertainment for our Ditty, and she loves to grab his fur and tries to put his nose in her mouth if he's close enough! (Gross!)
  • Her hair is really starting to thicken up. I'm sure it won't be long before she's got long raven locks! :)
  • Our "quiet" little girl has definitely found her voice! She loves to blow raspberries (constantly!!) and on certain days loves to squeal and "growl" just to hear her own voice. :) She's also developed what Joe and I refer to as her complaining, where she does a low-pitched vowel sound with furrowed eyebrows....makes us laugh every time!!
Peeking out from the cute sun hat her Gamma gave her!

We're amazed daily at the gift of joy we have in Liddy, and we love watching her learn and grow!!

Our precious gift!


Liz said...


Charissa said...

oh, I just want to kiss her cheeks! I want to spend more time with you and that precious little girl!

Tony and Lisa said...

She is such a precious gift indeed! I love, love, love the pictures. I really like her smile in the jenny-jump-up! I can tell she's looking at Quincy - so cute!

She still looks like such a little peanut in her highchair...ha! And the sunhat makes her big eyes just pop! We love all of you so much and are so thankful for God's gift of precious, little Ditty! :)


Daphne Hope said...

She is precious! We want to meet her!

J-Funk said...

I can't wait to meet her! 6 months is such a fabulous age, they are so PUDGY!!!!

How's everything going? How's the sleeping? How's the screaming? Need any cousin-mom advice?

I had to put the fabulous skirt I was planning to make for her on hold for the time being while I scramble to catch up on work from our Winter of Germs. It's next on my list though.