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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Itty Bitty Liddy

Now that the whirlwind of the last 3 weeks has subsided....I feel like we're finally getting into a little bit of a schedule with Lydia, so I thought I'd share how we're doing as a family so far.

First of all....Lydia is a fantastic baby! We are so incredibly blessed! She is very content most of the time, and has even been sleeping through the night! Wow!

She loves her daddy and will almost immediately smile when she sees him. She's begun to interact with us more when we talk to her, and she'll smile and coo back at us. Soooo fun!! Liddy loves her play mat, and has just begun to bat at the toys dangling above her, as well as study different patterns and colors.

But her favorite thing above all else, is bath time!! She's a little spa girl, and completely relaxes as soon as her body hits the warm water. :)

Smiling Spa Girl! :)
All bundled up in her baby robe! :)
As far as bonding goes.....we are totally and completely bonded. I can't imagine life without her!! She is so perfect in so many ways, and I am loving being a mom even more than I thought was possible! God is sooo good!!

Here's some more "eye candy" for you to feast your eyes on....hope your weekend is beautiful! :)

First Walk! Daddy's so proud :)

Check out this STINKIN' ADORABLE hat that Joe's Aunt Judy made sure keeps her warm in the wind!

This was the outfit she wore for her first Sunday at church. She was adored by everyone!

Gamma snuggles!

Taken just this morning....our lil' cupcake is gettin' big!!

She melts my heart...  :)


Daphne Hope said...

She is so adorable!! Thanks for keeping us updated! Love looking at all the pictures!

Steve Bricker said...

She is too cute not to share. :-)

Braimee said...

Oh my gosh! That last picture is to die for!!! Bahh!!!

Tony and Lisa said...

I love the cupcake outfit. It's perfect for such a sweet, little cupcake! I wish I could kiss her chubby cheeks right now! :)
Grandma (What an awesome word. :)

J-Funk said...

AWWWWW! She's so perfect!