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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I intend to post "Lydia's Story" in the next few days here...but for now, just a quick update will have to do. :) We just got back from another lovely visit with our little girl, and she is doing wonderfully!! She's a little bigger than the last time we saw her, and eating like a champ! She continues to dazzle us with her sleepy smiles, and have the most kissable cheeks in the whole universe. :)

And here's a family pic that Laurie, our Bridge Care mom took for us! :)

Hopefully I'll be back with a nice story for you by the end of the week! :) If you want to feast your eyes on some more pictures of our Liddy Bird, though, check out my Flikr album. :) Enjoy!


Kathy said...

Oh Liz she is just beautiful! Praying for all of you :)

Braimee said...

Oh my word! She is such a cutie! And you guys look like you're on top of the world! I love it! Can't wait for you two to get her home!!!!