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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Friday, October 3, 2008


This week brought the arrival of TWO (count 'em, 1 - 2!) new guitar students! Praise God!! That brings me up to 6 piano students and 3 guitar for a whopping total of nine students! Yeeuh!!


Kathy said...

Yahoo! That is wonderful!

J-Funk said...

Nice! Derek was SO impressed that you are teaching guitar lessons. You should come out and play at blues jam with him!

Your poor mailbox! That was a funny post. My mom's mailbox got trashed like that so many times she actually called the police to see if they had any suggestions to help her put a stop to it (they said installing a security camera was pretty much the only thing to do). They thought she got hit so many times like that because of where she was located on the curve of the road - the perfect spot for knocking down a mailbox. Urgh.

Charissa said...

that's awesome news! :)
praise the Lord for His provision!