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Monday, August 11, 2008

Launch Day

Hi. Remember me? I used to post on here every once in a while. And then summer happened. :) Anywho, I'm back now...and I'll try to be more vigilant from now on!!

Most of you already know this, but I have started my part-time working hours this week -- yay for me!! It will be so refreshing to have more time at home and to also have more time to fit in piano and guitar students. Yes, you read that right, guitar students. Yikes!! I'm not really sure how I'm going to actually teach guitar, but I'm going to give it my best shot. And expect payment for it. ;) But seriously, I am hoping to gain many more students, specifically piano, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be getting more than my fair share of beginning guitarists as well! It should be exciting!!

So tomorrow is my second big launch day. Earlier in the summer I went about putting up flyers EVERYWHERE that held my newly created business cards and placed ads in the weekly paper. (Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.) Now I'm about to have my second launch day. I'm going to replenish all my business cards and flyers, as well as talk to the music teachers at the local schools and give my business card to local churches. I'm praying that the Lord blesses my efforts and provides me with a collection of students to pour my heart into. :)

I'll keep ya posted!


spookystevens said...

Too bad you live so far away...i might have a student or two for you here. Think you could commute? ha ha ha I'll be praying for your business!

Sarah said...

Your flier and business card looks very nice and professional. I'd use you! -Sarah

Lizaveta said...

Thanks for your encouraging notes! (No pun intended... :) It would be lovely if I was able to teach both of your kids, wouldn't it? Oh well...maybe in the future?? :)

Tony & Lisa said...

Where do I sign up?!?

Do you teach techniques in how to hide all the clunkers I hit?? ;-)