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Sunday, April 27, 2008

a breath of fresh air

Recently, my handsome hubby and I went to a Casting Crowns concert. It was incredible!! We didn't know the two opening bands very well (Leeland and John Waller) but Casting Crowns made up for it.

I think the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it wasn't fakey -- the lead singer, Mark Hall, is authentic. He shared with us about how he struggles with dyslexia and ADD and even forgetting the words to the songs he wrote himself! He was honest about his shortcomings, and praising God for choosing to work through him.

Not only are they very talented musically, but they also write solid lyrics -- choruses that focus on Christ as our purpose in life and the motivation behind all that we say and do. I never feel like I have to "translate" their lyrics because they were being poetic and vague. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. I like that.

One of the coolest things of the night, though, was when all the forband members came out to pray the audience. They spoke of how they had spent time earlier that afternoon praying over the seats in the auditorium, trusting that the Lord would work in people's hearts that night. They each took a seat on stage, and proceeded to pray, one by one, very specifically, for the audience. One focused on praying for all of the men, that they would be godly leaders in their homes and communities. Another prayed for all the married couples, another for any mothers or mothers-to-be, another for anyone struggling with addiction and finally one concerning all of the ministries represented in that room. It was so precious. I didn't expect to be prayed for and ministered to so intimately that night. What a blessing....

After praying for each of those things, Mark Hall then presented the need each person has for Jesus. He prayed for those who may not know Him intimately and that they would see their need for a Savior. It isn't often that bands take the time to present salvation to their audience, though I wish it was a facet of every Christian concert.

I left that night feeling refreshed -- like I had really worshipped the Lord and fellowshipped with like believers, even though the only other person I knew in the room was Joe! How refreshing...praise the Lord!

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Kathy said...

Doug, JoAnna and I saw Casting Crowns a couple of Christmas' ago and I can totally agree with your post about them all. Real and Worship are the words that come to my mind!

I helped with decision cards at the end that was really special and such a blessing from God!