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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My hubby makes the world go round...

I have a wonderful husband. I don't mean to brag (or maybe I do) but he's wonderful. Amazing. Super. Splendiferous...ok, you get my point. :)

Why is my husband so terrific, you ask? Well, last night when I came home from work, supper was waiting for me on the table. Still warm. That's a feat in itself in my book! Plus the dishes were already done. Beautiful. AND....(there's more you ask? indeed there is...) I had a gift and a very sweet card waiting for me. In a gift bag. How awesome is that?! The gift was simple and small, but one that I will use regularly, a pair of fun socks -- Christmas socks, so I can wear them during the Christmas season, rather than afterwards!

As for the card, I won't give it to you verbatim, but I will let you in on the general message -- because I thought it was so completely appropriate for us (as anyone who knows us will attest).

The outside showed a squirrel holding an acorn and saying:

"I think I'm a squirrel, because I like you, and you're a big nut"

And then on the inside it said,

"I'm also skittish and prone to indecisiveness"

Isn't that great!! He's the greatest husband. EVER. And I love him so...


Kathy said...

This is so sweet! What a great gift to have a wonderful husband (I do too!) The card sounds really cute :) Christmas socks rock!

J-Funk said...

Wow what a romantic guy! Those are a rarity :)

The weather there DOES sound frightful. I'm going to freeze when I visit over Christmas.